Friday, November 1, 2013

Autumn Has Arrived!

Photos by the talented Kim. We went to the riverside in Kingston for an autumn walk and the scene was so pretty that I felt like I'm in a movie! Faux leather jacket + denim shirt by The Jazzy Workshop, skirt and shoes have been mentioned in other posts. Ok, to be honest, I've have this skirt and this pair of shoes for a good few years and I can't remember exactly where I got them from. In terms of clothes, I love custom made pieces. Especially when it comes to jacket or coat, I want the perfect piece only that fit and stay with me for a long time (for me, long time means at least 5 years). I have never been much of a shopping girl (not ever close to a shopaholic). I just want to get the right piece and be loyal with it! Yes, there is something called 'loyalty' in fashion too (for me, at least)! 

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