Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blue Me Away

Some not-so-old photos. This is actually one of my recent favourite outfits, so I feel like I just have to give it a place on my new blog somehow. The maxi dress is from Public Aware, a hidden brand I found somewhere around Brick Lane's corner. Those creepers which I bought while ago from River Island, is actually on sale right now! The dark blue scarf I got from a Scandinavian store last season which I didn't really use much until recently. And my most favourite hat is from Monki! The rest is unbranded or as long as it concerns, I think I've got them all from either a thrift store or somewhere back in Vietnam. Photos taken with my smartphone so I was kinda surprised the quality isn't that bad. Ok, I'll try to do some work for now. And maybe try my best to wake up not-too-late to enjoy the last Sunday of 2012 in central London? Fingers crossed! Cheers!

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