Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Barbara Bui Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Barbara Bui has always been one of my favourite fashion designers. With this pre-fall 2013 collection, she has just made me love her/her designs even more. Black, gold and beige are three main colors in this collection. Still the same familiar elegant yet so chic elements from Barbara. I love the deep cut which shows such a strong careful handmade tailored feature. This seems to be still on trend next season and might be even bigger, greater than last Fall. Minimalism is surely a big thing without a doubt. Less is more which will be right for colors/patterns but layering would be remained. Menswear features are still being applied quite a lot but in a more elegant form, rather than the 80s' tomboyish style. The printing pattern which looks like over-laced surface is heavily graphic/illustrated. This also reminds me of beautiful illustration works done by Rob Ryan. (*little fact: I'm in the same class with his daughter who is also brilliant, especially at making zines!).

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